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Compelling reasons to implement a Solar Energy System at your home or business

Save Money: A Solar Photovoltaic or Solar Thermal System will save you money on your utility bills. Although the initial investment may seem costly, there will be a break-even point reached after several years after which the savings will be fully realized. The only factor to consider is how long the pay back period will be. At current prices a Solar Photovoltaic system will take longer to break even with than a Solar Thermal system. Even if a homeowner will not keep his home long enough to achieve the break-even point, the home will gain value just as if an addition were added to the home. It is an improvement to the home which is long lasting. There are several federal and state tax incentives available for residential and business installations.

Save Energy:  Energy prices for Oil, Gas, Coal and other fossil fuels which are used to produce Heat and Electricity are despite fluctuations, only going to go up and up in price as time goes on. Using renewable energy from the Sun will help to reduce the energy consumption of our country.

Help The Environment: It is well documented that burning fossil fuels produces polluting gasses which are harmful to our health and the environment. Global warming is attributed to the Greenhouse Gas properties of these pollutants.

Be Patriotic: Our dependence on foreign oil is the root cause of the terrorism which is plaguing the world and our country. Our presence and influence in the Mid East is resented by the Arab Nations there. The money which they receive from our oil purchases is the same money which is being used to support terrorism. If we did not need the oil in the Mid East they would not have the money to support terrorism with. We would have no compelling reason to maintain a strong military presence there. The oil revenue which we send to them has financed the massive build up in the Iraqi military. No oil money means no military threat.

Energy Independence: If every American were to implement a Solar Energy System in their home or business the country would drastically reduce its dependence on foreign oil. Our utility bills would be smaller, we would use less fossil fuels, our environment would be cleaner and our foreign enemies would have much less money to attack us with. Since our Federal Government has failed to take the lead in promoting the mass adoption of Alternative Energy sources of power, it is up to the American public to take the lead in promoting and implementing the use of Renewable Energy sources.

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