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Facts About Solar Energy
Solar Energy can be utilized in several different ways for either a business or home. The most common application is using Solar Energy to heat hot water or make electricity. Solar works well in supplying domestic hot water or electricity for a household or business because these are year-round energy demands. This technology can significantly reduce your utility costs. It is especially fitting for families and businesses that use substantial amounts of hot water, pool heat or electricity during the spring fall and summer.

Solar Electricity (also called photovoltaics or PV) is an exciting application of solar energy with many options. Solar cells convert sunlight into electricity which can be used to power the lights and appliances in your home, as well as being fed back into the utility grid. We have had years of experience with battery backup and off-grid solar.

The maximum benefit from Solar Energy can be realized when one has an open area facing South so as to capture as much sunlight as possible throughout the year.

For the Calendar years 2006-2008, there were exceptional tax credits being offered by the Federal Government, and many states offered incentives. In 2009, governments are moving even further to help home owners and businesses make the move to solar energy. Couple this with the facts that fuel costs are very volatile and electricity is at an all-time high, and it's time to make the move.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy advantages benefit everyone, everything, everywhere...

Solar energy benefits extend far beyond economic savings. Solar benefits our world economically, environmentally and socially:

Economic Solar Energy Advantages

    * Can be permitted and installed faster than other power or heating plants.
    * Is more local than other power or heating plants
    * Has a predictable energy cost and is most efficient as utility rates go higher.
    * Produces home-grown energy, reducing the need for expensive transmission lines, complex infrastructure or foreign suppliers.
    * Proven reliable for decades. With few moving parts, fixed solar systems outlast other appliances, energy sources or investments.
    * Predictable pricing that is equal to or below retail energy rates or its useful life.
    * Creates wealth income free of inflation and income taxes
    * Creates good, local jobs for the new energy economy. In fact, solar energy creates more jobs per megawatt hour than any other energy.

Environmental Solar Energy Advantages

    * Clean, quiet and visually unobtrusive in nature. Solar energy plants do not pollute, do not make any sound, and are not an "eyesore."
    * Produces zero-emission, zero-carbon electricity and thermal energy.
    * Can be placed anywhere there is sun, which is available everywhere.
    * Reduces the need to operate polluting inefficient peak-load power plants.

Social Solar Energy Advantages

    * Creates clean, renewable energy that will sustain and support the health for present and future generations.
    * Is a distributed generation ("DG") energy source that can help offset national security concerns.
    * Supports energy independence because solar electricity is used where it is generated.

Learn more about Alternate Energy and how our solar power services and products are turning solar energy advantages into real-world benefits.


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