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  Specials: The Solar Yard Sale!

Remember the Solar Tax Credit Days? We Do, and solar is a better investment with these bargains!!

Thermal Solar Panels $100 to $150 each


Sunworks, Daystar, Reynolds, American Sunsystems, Solaron
Revere 3 x 8 panels, $150 each
Solar Heat Exchanger Modules: Grumman, Novan
Repaired Solar stone-lined tanks great for drain-back systems $100 each
Complete new drain-back control/pumping system to support above components $550

Solar Electric Products
90- Watt Solec Modules (2) $300
Solar Commander Digital solar controls 12v, 24 Amp $90
Trace SW 4024 Sine wave inverter $2995
400 W inverter $50
Many other solar goodies!!

For any of these Items, contact us at spitney@dcsolar.net or call 1-800-DCSOLAR

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