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Velux Solar Products
Solar energy from the global leader.

For 65 years, VELUX has been utilizing the power of the sun to bring natural light into homes through skylights and roof windows. Now VELUX is bringing its Solar Water Heating system, proven for years in Europe and around the world, to the United States.Velux owns one of the largest solar manufacturing capabilities world-wide.

The unique collector design mirrors the elegant appearance of several popular Velux skylights for seamless architecture you will be proud to own.

Using the sun to heat the water in your home will reduce your monthly utility bill, and your family's carbon footprint on the world.

Solar water heating is a cost effective, renewable energy solution. Provided by a global leader and proven partner, VELUX solar water heating systems give you the benefits of solar water heating, in an aesthetically pleasing, quality design.

Solar hot water...Elegantly done!!(TM)

Alternate Energy is a certified installer and authorized dealer for Velux Products.


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