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Vaughn Corp: Thermal Storage/Exchanger Products

Vaughn’s all plastic water heaters combine Hydrastone, the most effective method of preventing corrosion, with foam the most efficient material for preventing heat loss.

The Vaughn Hydrastone-lined solar water heater offers a unique combination of features that make it the best choice for use with solar systems. The Vaughn Solar SEPCO SR water heater allows fluid from the solar collectors to circulate through a 20 square foot Solar Removable heat exchanger within the tank itself. The submerged heat exchanger provides the highest efficiency while saving space, installation time, and additional costs associated with a separate external heat exchanger.

For three generations Vaughn has built water heaters of the heaviest gauge steel with seamless one-half inch thick Hydrastone lining and bronze fittings at all water openings. Vaughns unique manufacturing process has continually combined this old fashioned quality with ongoing advanced technology in providing the longest lasting and environmentally friendly heater available.

This unequalled combination of quality and technology and continuous commitment to the solar industry has always set Vaughn apart from other solar water heater manufacturers.

Alternate Energy is an authorized dealer in Vaughn products.


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