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What is Experience Worth?

Since January 1974, Alternate Energy and its predecessors has been selling, installing and servicing all manners of solar systems, generators, heat pumps, and turbines. 

 As in any industry, copycats and Solar System Company "wannabes" will come and go, but there is only one genuine "Alternate Energy" since 1974.

One thing that you can be sure of is that, years from now, when you need servicing, we will be there. Now in our 2nd generation!

When considering an energy partner, it is hard to know who to trust. With over 38 years of experience as a leader in solar energy technologies, you can trust that ALTERNATE ENERGY will be here for you in the future.

Through ongoing research and development, extended warranty programs and experienced installation and service, ALTERNATE ENERGY is working to ensure that when you are ready to go green with solar, you will always have a trusted resource nearby to assist you.



"It's always morning in America" - Ronald Reagan

"Energy Independence is the moral equivalent of war" - Jimmy Carter

Discover why for more than 38 years, our clients have told us, "This is the best investment we have ever made!"

With the signing of various Energy and Stimulus Bills of 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009, America has drawn a line in the sand. Now it is up to us as more new wealth and social opportunities have opened for millions of Americans to lessen their dependence on traditional supplies of fossil fuels and electricity.

Never before has it been so affordable to make the investment in energy conservation and production for one's own home or business.

Technology Front

Solar Roofing Options: Silently Generating Your Own Power
Form meets function when you see the aesthetics behind Sunslates, the most efficient roofing tile that generates up to 1KW per 100/sq feet.
Alternate Energy LLC. sells, installs and services Sunslate brand tiles. READ MORE...


Sharp OnEnergy brings an attractive low-cost appearance to the roof-top. Low profile mounting rails and triangular modules allow more solar to fit in a more attractive way for more roofs.

Velux Solar Hot Water matches their elegant SunTunnel and skylight line, allowing solar to blend in to the roof architecture. Matches with Sunslates or Sharp products perfectly!!


Eastern United States' largest Sunslate system nearing completion.


Alternate Energy, LLC at work at Mass Maritime, largest BIPV solar electric system in Massachusetts, largest solar electric system on Cape Cod and SE Massachusetts - 81 KW, 495 solar modules.


Breaking News

 3/10/2012 800-DCsolar announces DCSolar Equity, the best solar funding plan available!

. Since 1974, we have been obsessed with helping folks OWN their own energy supply. A friend in the business told me whoever owns their system comes out the winner. Don't throw your money away on leases and PPAs lasting decades when we can help you own solar for $0 down in as little as 3 years. A bonus is that all your money supports our local Massachusetts economy. You deserve all possible benefits from solar!!!

1/15/2012 New MassCEC grants released - For Blocks 9 and 10, MassCEC has lowered its Commonwealth Solar 2 PV grants. No need to worry, though, we are continuing to secure lower cost PV modules and we can still build you  solar electric systems with the best financial and green returns in the industry.

2/15/09 Alternate Energy, LLC is named an authorized 5-Star Velux Solar Hot Water System Installer. This compliments our solar roofing line by offering a perfect solar hot water match having the skylight appearance -- Solar, elegantly done!!

2/12/09 - President Obama signs into law the latest and greatest stimulus package which does away with the $2000 residential thermal tax credit limit. Business renewable energy systems now qualify for either a 30% tax credit OR an outright grant for those without tax liability. This expands the creative financing options for solar. This bill shows complete bi-partisanship. Whether left or right, everybody is for Alternate Energy!!

1/30/09 Alternate Energy manager Steve Pitney attends GRO Solar training, expands solar electric product line. 

12/30/08 - Alternate Energy, Steve Pitney is now a certified Sharp Solar OnEnergy installer. Sharp is the world's largest solar electric manufacturer, and one of the oldest, in business 59 years. This relationship expands the list of specialized solar roofing products which Alternate Energy offers. Solar, elegantly done!!

12/14/08 - Commonwealth Solar to reduce solar grant funding as of  1/1/09. In most cases, the newly expanded Federal Solar System tax credits will help replace the reduced Commonwealth Solar grants, while making solar a better investment.

11/30/08 - As part of a $700 Billion stimulus package, tax credits were passed, increased and extended through 2017. Now 30%, with no limit for residential Solar Electric.Let's call this the Bush Solar Tax Credits (LOL)

6/30/08 Alternate Energy now offers SunMaxx evacuated tube collectors, with up to a 30% performance improvement over previous evacuated tube systems. We have been installing and servicing evacuated tube systems since 1980.

8/31/07 Alternate Energy, LLC completes Cape Cod's Largest Solar Electric System - 495 Evergreen Powerlight integrated solar electric roof tiles, comprising more than 81KW of full sunlight power.

6/30/06 -Alternate Energy completes 13KW Sunslates solar roof in Weymouth, the largest such installation east of the Mississippi.

05/05/06 - New bill in Congress to increase and extend tax credits
(Click HERE for More)

- Alternative Energy Bill Signed. Substantially increases federal tax incentives for home and business owners!
Up to $2000 federal tax credit (each residential) Solar Hot Water and Electricity. 30% for commercial. The Republican Solar Tax Credits - LOL

05/03/05 - Alternate Energy LLC. becomes distributor for Apricus Solar Systems. We have installed dozens of Apricus Systems. We have been installing and servicing evacuated tube systems since 1980. 


Calculating Your Savings

Is it worth making the Investment in Alternative Energy production or conservation improvements?

Call us to do a free Cost/Savings Analysis of your home or business.
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